How things change…

You know that Sex & the City where Carrie tells Alexander Petrovksy that she uses her oven for storage?

Five years ago, short of a popular sex column and Baryshnikov on my arm, that was me.  My life was outsourced, my plants were watered with leftover Pellegrino and my oven was full of shoes.  And it kind of sucked.  I used to tell one of my best friends that my life needed cornstarch.  Something that gelled all of the days together into a meaningful whole that I gave a %$@# about.  So I started working on that.

These days I still have a job that requires too many hours – but I’ve got the beginnings of a wonderful little family, a beautiful home in the country 30 minutes from where I grew up – and an oven that I use to make actual food that’s really not half bad.

I’ve started this little blog to share the joy of making this home our own, raising our gorgeous son, playing with clothes,[FN1] experimenting in my kitchen for purposes other than finding creative storage solutions…and just generally having a place to share this lovely little world of mine.  And I’d be honored to have you along for the ride.

[FN1] Actually, we might be holding off on playing with clothes for a little longer.  In lieu of wardrobe, I promise to share my progress in my C25K program and beyond as I try to jog (and breastfeed) my way back into my old wardrobe.  Until then – and until my priorities in getting dressed include something other than my son’s easy access to milk – I can’t promise to care very much about wardrobe selections.  Hell, it took me almost a full super-sized bottle to realize that a recent shampoo/conditioner purchase was crap[FN2] and that it wasn’t just my maternity leave-induced lifestyle that had my hair sticking to my head.  So it might be awhile before I can take my clothing choices seriously enough to share them here.

[FN2] On a totally unrelated note, be forewarned that a certain usually-pretty-decent company’s rosemary-peppermint shampoo & conditioner does *not* measure up well against the Aveda version.



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5 responses to “How things change…

  1. Karen Fauman

    I heart this lovely little life of yours… XOXO

  2. fieryirishangel0403

    I am thrilled to pieces that you have a blog and can’t wait to see more! What a perfect header pic, too!

  3. Paulette DiNoto

    Leave it to my amazing kid…now she has a blog…Did you find that you had nothing to do between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m.? You are unbelievable, and your blog, so far is so much fun to read. Oh by the way, that kid of yours…mighty cute…he can call me grammy!!!!!

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