Home Sweet Home…

This is why I *never* mix friends and family with money and business….

When the time came to buy a house, Mr. LLW mentioned that he knew an agent.  Against my better judgment, I agreed to work with her.

We no longer speak.

I’m sure she’s a lovely enough person – but after viewing 20+ houses that I’d found myself after tossing her McMansion roundup, I think I can safely say we’d had enough of each other.

Still, the end result – after three separate visits – was closing on what we now call home.  Real estate being what it was in Manhattan, this was our first purchase and, if things work out, it will also be our last…at least until Mr. LLW and I are old and grey and no longer want to deal with the upkeep.  It’s overwhelming and wonderful and we intend it to be our lifelong project, as it will take at least that long to do all of the things that we have in mind.  I like to think of it as the world’s longest flip.

The house has some very fine bones – but it was built in 1982 and it shows.  The oven is called the Thermatronic II for G-d’s sake.  (You can’t fit a full sized cookie sheet into it – but gosh by golly it makes up for that with the convenience of converting into a microwave with the slide of one very creaky latch.  Or so the manual claims.  I have yet to try it.)

In a parallel, more just universe I’m sure I’m living the good life as a designer.  In this one, I take it all out on this baby we call home.  Be forewarned – I have no fear of color and a love of all things ornately gorgeous.  I can’t promise that you’ll like everything we do – but I can more or less promise that it will be interesting.

Signing off-




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  1. theresa

    well, thank you very much.. I shall now live the country life I always dreamed of through you.. Its time for another post!!!

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