Childhood Fears…

Did you have an irrational fear of anything in your home when you were growing up?

For me, it was the red stone eyes in a glass panther on my grandmother’s hearth.  They scared the bejeezus out of me – so much so that my father and uncle gave up and dragged the poor thing down one day to remove them.  Now it’s just a black glass panther with indentations where the eyes would be.  Less creepy for sure – but also a little less interesting.

I’ve convinced myself that some form of decorating karma will come back and bite me one day.  We have this huge painting called “Stare II” by an artist named James Verbicky over the staircase in our entryway that’s traveled with us since our days in NY.

It was the first big thing that Mr. LLW and I picked out together and we both love it.

I’m constantly eying Baby LLW up as we walk by it.  Will he grow up to hate it as much as I hated those red eyes?  I’d cut off my left arm for that kid without a second thought, so if he can’t handle this painting it comes right down no questions asked.  Still – I kind of love it.  And I hope he does, too.


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  1. jen

    I have to laugh at this post because we had a devil mask down on the wall in our basement the scared the crap out of me. Like I wouldn’t even WALK on that side when I was down there….and it never really changed over the years! I wonder what happened to that thing – man, it was freaky!

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