Recurring Dreams…

I have two recurring dreams.  The first and oldest involves my trying to climb half broken ladders, wobbly stairs – you name the inclined surface, I’ve teetered unsteadily up it in a dream.  That one doesn’t exactly take a degree in dream interpretation to figure out.  Happily it’s not the subject of this post, since it’s also sort of depressing.

The other one is way cooler and a little more relevant here.  In it, I’m always discovering that our house is this huge convoluted place with random undiscovered rooms at every turn.  The bedroom is attached to a massive ancient bathroom/beauty salon sitting over a large body of water.  The basement has a room covered entirely with white seashells – or a huge storage space where people come and buy thrift goods.

Okay…it’s a little weird now that I’m writing it out.  But you get the idea.

Granted, the only undiscovered detail I’ve actually stumbled on to date is a sliding door between the kitchen and dining room (to hide the nonexistent help ;) – but still, our house *is* more than a little convoluted and it’s taking even my subconscious a really long time to wrap its head around it.  Pretty as its little details are, I was so distracted by the randomness the first time we came for a look see that these blurry pictures were the only ones we stopped to take:

As you can probably see, I was too amused by the random jacuzzi tub in the master bedroom to take in much else about the house (or seriously consider buying it).

Decorating for me is a slooooow, organic process that happens as I get comfortable in a space and learn how to live in it.  Maybe that’s how it is for everyone – but I’m still amazed by the people who have every room painted and furnished in a matter of months or even years.  As it turns out, everything seems to be growing out of the family room off of our kitchen.

It used to look like this:

((hold onto your lunches))





The old owners offered to sell us that couch.  We politely declined – but did pick up that red cabinet in the back.  The only other things left on the day we moved in were the curtains; and we promptly burned those.  Soon after that we painted the back wall in Behr’s Marigold.  A few months later I was watching He’s Just Not That Into You (a surprisingly decent flick) and decided that the L-shaped wall would look good in an almost industrial high gloss red.  The guy who prepared it confirmed my choice by asking, “You mean you want me to mix up a bucket of ‘what the hell did I just do?’ for you??”

What the hell indeed….

I loved it.  We were finally getting somewhere.  But what to do with that pee yellow upper half??  It seemed like a great excuse to put up a great wallpaper.

In what I’d like to think of as a stroke of genius, I decided on Designers Guild’s Anichov wallpaper in Nutmeg.  I’m obsessed with Tricia Guild’s stuff and had been looking for a way to work something of hers into the house.

Add some drapes (Restoration Hardware’s variegated stripe belgian linen in mocha with PB hardware), a DIY retake on an old Ethan Allen coffee table and a few other details and here’s where we stand today-

There’s more to come but we’re getting close.  A set of Room & Board’s Hutton couches are on order in a fabric matched to the background of the wallpaper (pictured here in blue from their website)…

It’s not quite finished – but still, I think we’re coming along pretty well so far.  And not a wobbly set of stairs or seashell covered wall in sight.  Maybe someday soon I’ll put an end to those recurring dreams.  Funny, but I might sort of miss them.





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2 responses to “Recurring Dreams…

  1. Jill

    I’m so glad I’m not alone in allowing the organic decorating to happen. My brother-in-law and his wife bought 6 months after us, and before they moved in had torn out the carpets, painted most of the rooms, and less than 1 year later, look like they’ve lived there forever!
    I am stuck in the debates of which piece of art to hang over the fireplace in our living room, what feeling I want to give our living room, how to cover the basement floor once the asbestos tiles are removed (i’m thinking radiant-heated decorative concrete!!) and waiting to see what the space WANTS to feel like.
    I appreciate and admire your willingness to let your house become your home, and not stay just a house.

    • To each her own, I guess – but I’m all about living in a space and not trying to force the process. It takes forever – but really – how many rooms do you really need to live in in the early years?? ;)

      And I’m LOVING the concrete idea!!

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