Day One.

Written after my first day back to work on Tuesday…but passed out exhausted before I posted:

Well, the first day is over.  And it was…fine?  I walked into a huge, beautiful orchid and spa gift certificate from my coworkers, work was busy but not too busy, I hit a remarkably small amount of traffic on the way home…all in all, it really went as well as it could have.  My parents, a/k/a nanny and manny, were beyond wonderful.  I came home to a happy baby and even got to watch a dozen or so videos that they’d taken of him over the course of the day.  It was a great reminder of how blessed we are to see my parents cuddling him and telling him how much they love him.

Baby LLW is wonderful, so priority number 1 is satisfied.  As for me, I know I’ll need awhile yet before I have any sort of perspective on things.  The day apart from him just felt…empty.  Not terribly painful, not overly emotional – just lacking the sort of meaning that I had these last 5 or so months.  After so much build up I guess that’s a bit anticlimactic; but it’s all I’ve got so far.




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