She could be a farmer in those clothes…

So here I am trapped in my office waiting for comments on a document.  Since I’ve been utterly remiss in writing here since starting back, I figured I might as well take a minute to post a little something.  So here are my random thoughts of the moment:

  1. I miss my boy.
  2. I just found a stink bug in my office.  Which is on the fourth floor of an office building with windows that don’t open.  I think I’m going to be sick – because clearly his obvious point of entry was on ME.
  3. I just offered a colleague of mine a hamentashen.  Which was very sweet of me – except, as he rightfully pointed out, they were rugelach.  I’m a bad Jew…with a bag of flaky little hamentashen rolls sitting on my desk.  And they aren’t even that good.
  4. And, last but not least, 16 years after the release of Clueless I still think of every draft agreement that I send off as “just a jumping off point to start negotiations.”  (And street slang?  An increasingly valid form of expression.  Most of the feminine pronouns to have mocking – but not necessarily misogynistic undertones.)





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4 responses to “She could be a farmer in those clothes…

  1. Grammy

    Your entries are so much fun to read…My girl, I am just a tad disappointed that you do not know a hamantashen from rugelach… Where did I go wrong? Oh and btw, you are making the correct financial decision…and we are all so very very proud…Love you waaaaaay too much!!! ug

  2. Karen Fauman

    I do NOT wear polyester hair!!!!!! XOXO

  3. Sarah

    I’m sorry you had such a long day at work!! Love the Clueless quotes though :)

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