The soundtrack to my milk pumping, document writing life these days is something like this:

woooooonk…click click click…woooooooonk….click click click”

After everything I’ve done in my life, it’s amazing how much I bank on how much I can get out of a single pumping session.  It never fails to amaze me that these bottles of white milk are coming right out of me, like some sort of dairy-laiden drink dispenser.

Of course, the added calorie deficit doesn’t hurt either.  I’m quite close to my pre-pregnancy weight – but slightly more…shapey?…than I was before – so every step I can take towards being a hot mom is a good thing.  Especially since my return to work has put a huge damper on my running routine.  Not that sitting in my office strapped into this damned hands free, corset-style pumping bra with the Medela Freestyle doing its thing has the same cardio benefits as hitting my treadmill – but for the time being it’s better than nothing.

All for now, I’m afraid.

Love love love,




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2 responses to “Moo.

  1. Stefany

    Love this – I actually read it while pumping, using that same damn bustier! :) Still, Zach turns one on Sunday, and I’m hanging up my horns – thank goodness!

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