Yesterday I was stuck in my office without food for so long that I started seeing stars and couldn’t think straight enough to write.  Unable to escape, I ended up making due with 4 stale fortune cookies and a packet of P.F. Chang’s duck sauce.

It wasn’t one of my proudest moments.

But how far we’ve come in a day!!  Because today I’m holed up with my family, celebrating because – as Chica would say:

Happy happy biiiirthday to me!!

Happy Happy biiiirthday to me!!

It’s good to grooow,

so light the candles and bloooow!!

Happy happy biiiirthday,

to me,

to me,

to ME!!

That’s right!  I’m 33!!  It’s a palindrome!  It’s evenly divisible by both 11 AND 3!  And it’s my brand spankin’ new age.  I came dangerously close to another lonely in office “celebration” – but narrowly escaped and am having the best. day. ever – starting with this:

And ending with The Social Network.  I love my husband dearly…but damn.  It would have been nice to have linked up with Zuckerberg back in the day.  Of course, I never would’ve dated an undergrad.  But hindsight?  Always 20/20.

Just kidding Mr. LLW.  Love you, baby.

Oh yeah.  And that composter?  Sitting in my kitchen.  I’m a lucky girl who’s about to have some freaking amazing dirt.

Love love love,




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3 responses to “20/20

  1. Karen Fauman

    Happy Birthday, birthday girl!!!

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