Smooth Criminal.

It was bad enough when my return to work threw a glitch in my plans to perform Jump, Jump at the next family wedding.

That’s right – I can still shake my groove-thang to some Kriss Kross with the best of them – and while on leave I had a serious Just Dance 2 workout routine going on.  Now, if my damn blackberry doesn’t stop blinking red, my newly revised plans to perform Thriller are going to go down the tubes as well.  Not acceptable.

Perhaps it makes me a cheeseball-style narcissist (or a narcissist-style cheeseball? I’m not sure which is worse), but a disproportionate number of my daydreams have always centered around breaking into choreographed dance.  Plans to have the bridal party bust into a Let Me Clear My Throat-driven routine at our wedding fell through when I realized that a group spread from Michigan to New York to Miami probably wasn’t going to be getting together regularly for rehearsals.  And maybe trying to push it would have been a little bridezilla.  And maybe “Make Some Nooooiiiiiiise” would have clashed a tiny bit with a black tie affair graced with my grandmother’s presence.  But anyway…

Mr. LLW and I instead did a perfectly lovely, twirl-laiden number to Can’t Help Falling in Love.  It was terribly romantic, so I have no regrets.

Still…all of these fabulous Wii games might just make my daydreams a reality.  Shower and tanning booth at local salon, you may soon no longer be the only venues privy to my skillz.



p.s. – No lectures.  I haven’t actually been in a tanning booth since the month leading up to my nuptials. ;)

p.p.s. – Photo credited to the lovely and talented Jen Lowe, blog link over on the right.


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  1. Karen Fauman

    I had no idea you wished for my two left feet to do anything but walk down that aisle, but I would never have called you Bridezilla for asking. I will work on a routine for the next time I see you. We can skype it and rehearse together. ;)

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