Crying Over Spilled Milk?

At the risk of posting an excessive number of breastpump-related entries…number one on the top ten signs that you need a good night’s sleep:

  • Sitting at your desk for 3 minutes 47 seconds wearing your hands free setup while plugging away at a contract before finally realizing that YOU FORGOT TO ATTACH THE BOTTLES. 

That’s right ladies and gentlemen – I’ve been pumping freely into my lap for almost 5 minutes.  For reasons I hope you’ll understand, I’ll be skipping the accompanying photo for this post.

Work has sent me into a state of total delirium – and apparently my lunch of champions (a Keurig double espresso with sugar-free Swiss Miss, Coffeemate and Splenda) didn’t have the “jarred to consciousness” effect I was hoping for.  Clearly, I need to switch to the sugar-full hot chocolate until my work situation improves.

That is all.




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8 responses to “Crying Over Spilled Milk?

  1. Tricia

    Oh no…I hope you had a spare outfit.

  2. Sultana

    HAAAAHAHAHA! I have TOTALLY done that, thankfully not at work. But I have been sitting all innocently at my laptop, pumping away, and wondering why my knees felt wet. Doh!

  3. Kathryn

    Oh Mommy :(

  4. Sarah

    Oh poor girl! I have to admit, I laughed when I read this, but it was a sympathetic laugh!!

  5. Karen Fauman

    Wow…that is the best use of the phrase “crying over spilt milk” I have ever heard. I heart you, my dear! I am sitting in my office typing away to you instead of doing my patient notes, but I know you have been working doubly hard and you have more than a bunny at home to worry about!! XOXO

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