The Princess Who Entertained Herself.

(F/k/a Corduroy, Chloe – and the Cat in the Hat.)

Baby media is fabulous.  Sometimes I think I enjoy this stuff more than Baby LLW does.  Don’t get me wrong – there are a handful of classics that I secretly hate.  (Well…okay…that’s a little strong.  Let’s just say really, really dislike.)  And it’s not just those ridiculously pre[co]cious kids on Barney and Friends.  Elmo’s friend Mr. Noodle gives me the absolute creeps.  In fact (zips up flame retardant suit), I’m really not much of a fan of Play With Me Sesame at all.  I think the Cat in the Hat was a real jerk and sympathize with the family fish throughout that whole painful read.

Come to think of it, I also sympathize with Sally Fields’ character in Mrs. Doubtfire and, though I admire Happy Noodle, I also feel a bit for Sad Noodle.  So this might be more of a confessional than an objective critique.

Still, the Cat in the Hat really is a total jerk and I find that entire book totally cringe-worthy.

But still, I eat most of this stuff up.  We all know I’m Chica obsessed.  And if Baby LLW’s being a boy means he can’t enjoy Jonathan Coulton’s The Princess Who Saved Herself then I need to get working on giving him a little sister.  Bear E. White on Sirius radio’s Kid’s Place Live has got to be aimed more at the parents in the front seat than the kids in the back.  And I can’t even tell you how many nights Mr. LLW and I realize we’re still watching Nina and Star hours after our little guy has gone to bed.

Then there’s Anthony Wiggle…who I think has aged…ahem…very well. ;)

And the books!  The books!!!  The ones that don’t make me laugh make me cry.  (I have yet to make it all the way through I’ll Love You Forever without bursting into tears.)  Reading Baby LLW my old childhood favorites, like How Fletcher Was Hatched, Wacky Wednesday and Socks for Supper is one of my favorite things in the world.  I can only imagine the millions of parents before me who have turned to the last page of Where the Wild Things Are with their little boys and marveled that, after all that, Max’s dinner was still hot – and the millions more who have pointed out the bowl full of mush on the table during a sleepy reading of Goodnight Moon.

Olivia and Madeleine were in the running for names before we found out that Baby LLW was a boy – simply because I adore that pig and little girl so much.  (So was Chloe – in part because I adore “her” purses – but I think that’s probably a little off topic…)

Given a choice between House Hunters and Caillou, or James Patterson and On the Night You Were Born, 9 times out of 10 I think I’d choose the latter of each.  Even on the rare occasion that James Patterson actually wrote the book himself.  And that’s really saying something.

And with that, we’re off to see what Corduroy is up to now.

Love to all-




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4 responses to “The Princess Who Entertained Herself.

  1. Grammy

    Your blog is so much fun to read… I smile all the way through it….one because I am thoroughly entertained and two because I am thoroughly proud that my kid writes like she writes. Just one more thing you are so good at….ugh, this is getting old. …but as a mom, I think kvelling is the word….<3<3<3

  2. Kendra

    So many people talk about how creepy I’ll love you forever is. While it is a little weird, the pictures crack me up. To me, it’s about the words in that book. Ignore the pictures and just listen to the words. When I worked with 2 year olds before my kids, I just looked at the pictures and never beyond. After having my babies, that book always makes me cry.

    • I’ll acknowledge that the scene where the mother drives to her son’s house with the ladder strapped to the back of her car is a little much…but otherwise I’m a total wreck when I read that book.

  3. Kendra

    Also, we always have PBS Kids or Disney on way after the kids go to sleep. I know the schedules by heart :)

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