Country Living, Take 1.

Silly, silly Mr. LLW.

The fact that the glorious black, glossy Wellies that you got me for Chrismakkah have been in our entryway for the last several weeks does NOT mean that they were not a wonderful gift.  To the contrary, they’ve surpassed mere wardrobe staple and segued directly into decor.  Not that I won’t wear them often.  But when they’re not on my feet they will be living beside our front door, making me feel like something out of the English countryside.

I think that I shall never see/a poem so lovely as…my Welly. ;)

Well, “Wellies” … but still.  This is the closest I’m likely to get to ramshackle cottage living.

Love to all,




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2 responses to “Country Living, Take 1.

  1. Karen Fauman

    Darn it, if it weren’t for my absurdly small calf-to-foot ratio (don’t be jealous, it is mostly due to the fact that the denominator is so large, not due to the smallish-ness of the numerator)…I would be living in the English countryside too…Wish I could join you.


  2. Have you tried them? With the Wellie socks? There’s not THAT much room in there. I mean G-d…it’s not like I’m rocking the Huntress. (Though I’m tempted. I think that look is kind of hot, too.)

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