One Fell Swoop.

My order from the Zoya BOGO promo arrived yesterday and I swear this wasn’t intentional…

But, as you can see, I should at least theoretically never need to buy another polish again.  I hit the whole spectrum in one fell swoop.

They were all so lovely it was hard to know where to start – but I decided to go with Faye, the fourth color from the left, which turns out to have some great purple tones in sunlight and be more of a cinnamon indoors.  And the glitter is heavy – almost to the point of being metallic.  First impression: Love it!!  It dried quickly, which is important since, based on experience, there is nothing louder to a sleeping baby than the sounds of drying nailpolish.  [ETA: Because it’s when they always end up waking up.  Get it?  Mr. LLW didn’t – hence the clarification. :/]  It’s also held up perfectly over the first 24 hours.

And, most important of all, it’s just lovely.

Toes are definitely getting a dose of that glittery green tonight.  A little more sparkle always does a girl good.





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2 responses to “One Fell Swoop.

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  2. Sarah

    I noticed you wearing this color on Sunday and I love it!

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