Overheard in my family room.

“We’re starting to see some fleas or something around here lately.  I don’t know – maybe they’re coming in on the cats.  Anyway, give us a call when you can.”

Holy cr#$.  How freaking dirty white trash does that sound??  The heat must’ve been bringing out the bugs last night because our little home in the forest was OVERRUN with not just the usual stink bug or 2 but these gross little black flying things last night.  One of them jumped and I *freaked* and insisted on an overnight call to our usual exterminator.  (Yes, we live in enough of a booneys situation to warrant a “usual exterminator”.  I know.)

Anyway, as we’re vacuuming frantically, I hear Mr. LLW leaving that message on Ecocare’s answering machine.  I guess it worked because we had a horrified return phone call from them at 9 a.m.  But still.  I think I’d take saving face over quick service.  This is probably a character flaw on my part.  But still…

xoxx, LLW


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