The Poo Chronicles.

To continue last week’s super glam theme, guess what I just spent the last 15 minutes doing?

What?  Not even one guess?

Well…here’s a hint.  It involved me, a dozen baby wipes, a rag and some gentle soap.  And it made me really happy we got the scrubbable paint for Baby LLW’s room.

Any ideas now?

That’s right!!  I’ve been SCRUBBING POOP OFF THE WALL.

I have no freaking clue how it got there.  It was a distinct splatter well above and to the right of the changing table.

My thought process upon discovering it went something like this…

“Huh – what’s that?”

“Wait that isn’t…?”

“Holy hell – it is.”

Baby LLW still can’t stand on his own, much less balance precariously over his changing table wielding a fist full of poop in his right hand.  So either he managed to fire something off unnoticed or Grandpa (aka the manny ;) has been twirling diapers over his head like a lasso.

Either way I’m starting to think that nanny cam might be a good idea.

Just kidding dad.

You know we love you. <3




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  1. Sultana

    BWAAAAAAAAAAAHAHA! OMG children are disgusting! You have to pick up Tina Fey’s new book btw, there’s a part about cleaning feces off a baby’s neck that made me cry (in a good way).

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