Everything I Ever Really Needed to Know…

In kindergarten I had two little boyfriends (I use that term loosely) that I would sometimes play with on the playground.

(On other days we had a group that played Strawberry Shortcake World.  Not to toot my own horn…but yeah…I was Strawberry Shortcake.  I never understood the girl who agreed to play Lemon Meringue.)

Anywho, one of our favorite games was chase.  I would chase A and B would chase me.

(This is admittedly an overly flattering shot of me at age 6. In reality I think I usually wore corduroys and monogram sweaters and sported more of a bowl cut. Indulge me here.)

Then we would get to the other side of the playground and turn around and I would chase B and A would chase me.

It never once occurred to me to actually catch A once we hit the border of the playground.  In all fairness, it also never occurred to B to catch me.  Nope.  Everyone just turned around and ran in the other direction.

This was a rather telling harbinger of what was to come in pretty much the entirety of my twenties.

Remind me of this when I get irritated with Mr. LLW for leaving the figurative cap off the toothpaste.





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3 responses to “Everything I Ever Really Needed to Know…

  1. Karen Fauman

    This is the funniest and most accurate allegory I have heard/read in ages. I am laughing my proverbial tushy off. Love you!

  2. Karen Fauman

    and by the way…I totally had that skirt…and I wore it awkwardly with jelly shoes and a mismatching t-shirt…

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