The Red Onion?

I am currently perusing Abbottabad on Google Maps and am sort of jarred to find that they have, among other things, a “Shell Petrol Pump”, something called “Bright Future Academy”, a restaurant called the “Red Onion” (wonder how its Yelp! reviews are?) and a hockey stadium. Not sure what I was expecting to find? Perhaps just a giant label reading “OBL COMPOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!”??  Alas, not labeled yet.  I dutifully dragged my little Google Maps man around the streets and think I can safely report that, even had I done this last week, I could not have helped with a speedier resolution to the 21st century’s most notorious game of hide and seek.

In any event, The Virtual Tourist reports that The Red Onion has delicious food despite its sometimes slow service – and even features a rooftop barbeque with live music on the weekends.  And every dish is served with onion rings!  Every dish!!  So now, I am feeling fabulously patriotic while admittedly craving a good middle eastern meal.

That is all.




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