It’s amazing how a baby in the house changes your ideas as to what’s…appropriate.  I still refuse to acknowledge to my husband (or anyone else for that matter) that I have any sort of bodily functions.  (I’m a bit Victorian like that.)  But when it comes to Baby LLW it’s bombs away.  I don’t think we’d totally realized this until we were out shopping recently and, in the middle of a conversation with a salesman, Baby LLW (who was comfortably slung over Mr. LLW’s shoulder, rear in the air) let go a symphony that would have put a 400 pound man to shame.  And we just. kept. talking.  Like nothing had even happened.  The salesman looked totally taken aback and, for the split second before he contained himself, maybe even a little repulsed.  After a quick, “Um…Wow” he managed to continue with the conversation – but not without giving me the reality check that this was perhaps more, shall we say, aback taking than either I or Mr. LLW had properly realized.

That’s my boy. ;)




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