On Being Cute.

Sooooo….sometimes thinking of stuff to write about is hard.  I’m not one of those chicks who has a new recipe to blog about every day.  Nor can I regale you with the details of my “cleaning schedule.”  (Did you know that these things actually exist??!  I’d more or less thought my “clean what’s dirty” approach to things was all good, while there were apparently women out there with binders full of weekly pre-printed charts and checklists who, I suspect, exist solely for the purpose of reminding me that my uber-fabulous housewife fantasies are never going to pan out.)

But today!!  Today I wandered away from my office to the adjoining Galleria in search of an outfit for the family photoshoot that we have scheduled for this weekend and ended up with four very cute tops and one very fabulous pair of Hudson jeans that more or less doubled the number of items in my closet that make me feel super cute.  All of this despite the trial of jeans shopping with two hyper-knowledgeable displaced London-ite shopgirls who hovered about my dressing room offering up more advice than I wanted about dressing my “post-baby” body with something that would “properly bind me” until I finished breast feeding.[FN]

All of this was the final push that I needed to overhaul my closet.  And, despite having nearly woken Baby LLW with the noisy mess that was dragging the castaways down the length of the house, I can safely say that the results are spectacular.  If it didn’t fall into the category of (i) fitting or (ii) *almost* fitting Pucci (the latter being shelved in what I’d like to call the “inspiration” category of the closet), it got the boot – whether it was Tar-jay or a certain Versace dress that looked like it’d be tight on the yardstick that’s hanging in our garage.

It’s the little things, people.

Well…that and getting rid of most of the “way too little” things.  I mean really…when the time comes, I’ll happily buy more. ;)


[FN] I *might* have rotated my wedding and engagement rings to sit more prominently upwards during that particular conversation.  I would appreciate it if you would use this information to respect my honesty rather than to judge me a tacky and hateful wench.


Keep laughing.  xoxxxx


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