“Dear Friends”

I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but contrary to the claims of the random hacker in China who graced my gmail account with his cyper-presence last night, it’s not true that “Last week. I have orders China Quantity: 21 Products Apple MacBook Pro”, received “A Product!” and deemed it “amazing!”  I’m so sorry if I and my hacker friend had gotten your hopes up.  But, alas, as far as I know you still can’t get a Mac ripoff that “has high quality” that “muc cheaper” than the real thing.

Still, in the spirit of LLW, I would like to take a few minutes to offer some gratitude to my mysterious cyber-friend:

  1. Thank you so much for deeming my humble gmail account worth hacking to send your little advertisement.  I had no idea that my name carried enough weight to make this worthwhile – but with this new knowledge I plan to march even more boldly than usual into the rest of my week.
  2. Thank you for speaking English so poorly that the 417 or so people that got “my” email at 4:42 AM this morning probably weren’t bamboozled into thinking it was really from me.
  3. And, finally, a heartfelt thank you for getting me back in touch with every single person that I’ve ever emailed.  I can’t tell you the delighted responses I’ve gotten from old friends, coworkers, wedding vendors and ex-boyfriends letting me know, “in case I hadn’t already realized it,” that I’d been hacked and otherwise wondering how my life had been going in the [x] years since we last spoke. Yes, dare I say I’ve had the time of my life today – and I owe it all to you-ouuuuuuuu…

Still, we’re sort of in a fight for getting me at least temporarily banned from Freecycle for trying to spam the entire members’ list.

Kiss kiss kiss, love, love, love,




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4 responses to ““Dear Friends”

  1. Karen Fauman

    What? No notification of your purchase to me?? I am horribly saddened to know I didn’t make the cut…even if Joel Brooks did…or was it Josh?

    • Don’t fret little bird. I checked the conveniently alphabetized “to” list and your .edu address is right there where it should be…. But in case you didn’t get it, I’ve apparently purchased 21 faux-Macbook Pros. I think I’m going to name them all Xui.

  2. Karen Fauman

    Oh, thank goodness. As for Xui(s), please tell me if she(s) is worth the money. I want an ipad but I just can’t justify spending $12,600 for all 21 of them I would need…

  3. If my email wasn’t lost somewhere in your spam folder you would know that I found them to be “Amazing!” Such a relief. It would suck to be stuck with 21 crappy knockoffs.

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