Spirit Activity

Baby LLW had his first – terrifying – bout of night terrors last night.  Holy hell.  It was like something out of that Born Schizophrenic documentary.  Terrified that our sweet boy was in horrible pain and couldn’t communicate it to us, we rushed him to a night clinic after about 30 minutes of unrelenting screaming.

The doctor looked him over and assured us that everything was perfect and, while early, it *is* possible to have episodes of night terrors as early as 1 year old.  We were already shaken when the tech, while giving us a list of follow up actions, included instructions to “check the history of the house” with an eye toward “potential spirit activity”.  Apparently there are “prayers that you can do” to fix it if this this a problem.

Besides the fact that I’m already a little scared to go into our basement at night for fear of being eaten by gnomes…who the hell SAYS something like that??  Seriously?  WTF?

In any event, amen for a healthy baby.  He seems fine today – hopefully we won’t have to repeat that awful experience any time soon.




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