The Reveal!!

So…it was recently brought to my attention that I never did post a full bathroom reveal.  I was waiting to get the art details done…but Mr. LLW and I have reached a bit of an impasse on that subject.  So art be damned.  Here she is!

The Before

It was bad.  It was really, really bad.  Behold the shell shaped sink!  Behold the avocado tub!  All things considered, I couldn’t bring myself to take a picture until we’d already started demo.

Farewell, sweet avocado tub.  May you prance freely on that farm upstate where old green tubs go….

And we begin to rebuild.  Here’s Grammy LLW checking out the new tub.  That’s 20″ deep, baby!!

A good week in and looking good!!  This pic made the cut because it gives the now impossible to catch clear shot into the back of the room.  Check out that beadboard and crown on the ceiling.  Awwww yeah.

The After

And then…it was done.  Here’s the obligatory “from the door” shot and a million detail pics.

Lulu says, “We hope you enjoyed the show!”



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2 responses to “The Reveal!!

  1. Yay!! I was just thinking about your bathroom the other day while wandering through the RH in Columbia Mall. (they’re closing that location btw. clearance sale now ongoing)

    SUCH an improvement. Great job! I particularly like the fluffy cat accessory on the vanity.
    What is the shower wall tile? Is it striped on the glaze, or is it a texture? i’ve never seen anything like that.
    And I love that shower curtain. We actually bought that and brought it home for our basement bath and I lurved it, but Ben wasn’t a fan of the gray. I love the drape of it though. It hangs so nicely.

    • Thanks!! The kitty accessory is my favorite part, too. ;)

      The line on the wall tile is actually texture in the tile. Definitely glad I went that route. At first I was looking for a tumbled marble to match the floor – but then I decided to mix up the vintage with a little clean modern. Good call in the end, I think – now that I see it all together it’s pretty obvious that more white marble would have been a washed out, craptastic mess.

      And thanks for the shower curtain love. We had tried 3 others before finding this one. Gotta love Target.

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